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Our Background

Arin Thongtang (In)

I am an ordinary boy who is deeply in love with animals. I have taken care of dogs, chickens, rabbits, fish, hedgehog, hamsters, and lizards. I hold a deep affinity for reptiles. I have raised tortoises and freshwater turtles, even constructing ponds at home to nurture them. My house is located in Central Bangkok, Thailand, but it often welcomes unwanted visitors like geckos, snakes and the Common Water Monitor.  After visiting the Koh Man Nai Sea Turtle Conservation Center, I am motivated to transform my personal interest in animal care into a meaningful contribution to society and the environment. This sanctuary has nurtured tens of thousands of hatchlings and provided care and rehabilitation for injured turtles, with its initiation dating back to the Queen of the Ninth Reign in 1975.

​I gained invaluable insights into the challenges faced by sea turtles and the center's commendable efforts. This experience ignited within me the desire to initiate a public awareness project, fostering change and enlightening others about these magnificent creatures. Sea turtles are my very first passion project, brimming with enthusiasm. 


2011 - present

A full-time student who is currently in Year 11. Hardworking with a lot of energy and a positive attitude. In addition, participate in various school sports teams, including the U19 Volleyball, Volleyball Varsity, Basketball and Badminton.

April 2024

Extracurricular Activities

Year 10 - Year 11

Year 11

Year 11

Year 7 - Year 10

Year 7 - Year 11

Member of the JV Basketball team

Member of the Junior Varsity Volleyball team

Member of the FOBISIA Volleyball U19 team

Member of the Volleyball team

Badminton Singles School team

April 2024

December 2023

Year 11

1st place in House Music Competition

School Awards

Received Floreat recognition from the school for my initiation in the Zero Starving Sea Turtle project.

Supracurricular Activities

July 2023 - Present

Volunteer as a tutor on Sunday afternoons to help teach children under the bridge with the Sor So Foundation.

April 2024

National Sports Excellence


Hold the position of Assistant Coach for the U19 Boys National Volleyball Team under the auspices of the Thailand Volleyball Association.

National Academic Achievements

April 2024

Achieved 1st place out of 32 finalists in the high-school level category of the National 2024 Student Research Competition organized by the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology, Thailand.

April 2024

May 2024

Our project, 'Echoes of the Past: Sustainable Heritage Tourism,' was selected as one of seven finalists out of 33 high school teams competing in the 2024 H4C Humanities to Community event organized by Chiang Mai University.

International Academic Achievements

April 2024

My research, titled 'Green Secrets Unveiled: Probing Carbon Storage and Assessing Footprint in Living Spaces,' was published on and presented at the GLOBE Program's International Virtual Science Symposium in 2024. The symposium received submissions of 285 student reports from 30 countries. I am proud to share that my work was among the 125 reports that received high scores.

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