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Net Zero @ Amphawa

บอกลาคาร์บอน กู้วิดฤตโลกร้อน!

"Net Zero @ Amphawa" is driven by the profound historical significance of the floating market in Amphawa, a standout attraction in Samut Songkram Province. More than a tourist hotspot, this market reflects the bygone lifestyle of communities along the canals. In the past, boats were not just a mode of transportation but served as a lifeblood, intricately woven into daily existence for residents on both canal banks. Boats played a central role in various aspects of life, including travel, livelihoods (such as fishing), sustenance, and waste disposal.

The essence of "Net Zero @ Amphawa" lies in addressing the environmental impact of fossil fuel-powered boats, particularly in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. The initiative advocates for a shift toward sustainability, favoring alternative and renewable energy sources like solar panels. By incorporating these eco-friendly technologies, the project aims to significantly reduce carbon emissions, promoting a more sustainable and environmentally conscious form of tourism.

This initiative goes beyond mere quantity considerations, emphasizing the pivotal role of enhancing the quality of tourism. It sets a standard for sustainability in Amphawa, showcasing a commitment to responsible and eco-friendly practices that align with the historical ethos of the region.

Net Zero @ Amphawa



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