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Mangroves Protect the Land: Season 2

The Mangrove School, Samut Songkram

June 15, 2024


The school "Thammachat Pa Chai Len" in the sub-district of Bang Kaeo, Mueang district, Samut Songkhram, has a unique origin rooted in mangrove conservation efforts led by community leader Mr. Daeng Wisut Numsiri.

Mangrove Planting Strategy:

To combat coastal challenges, the mangrove forest was strategically planted along the estuarine boundary. Bamboo poles served as a protective barrier against constant wave erosion, ensuring successful mangrove tree growth.

Green Measures for Coastal Protection:

Mr. Daeng's chosen method, using bamboo to construct a wall, is considered a sustainable "Green measure." This approach protects the coastline without adversely impacting the surroundings, slowing down wind waves and reducing erosion.

Reforestation Techniques:

The systematic implementation of reforestation knowledge involves planting black mangrove trees in the outermost layer, Avicennia marina in the second layer, and a mix of Avicennia marina and white mangrove trees in the innermost layer. The unique characteristics of these trees, particularly their robust root systems, contribute to the success of the coastal forest project, covering a distance of over 9 kilometers.

Survival Rates and Recommendations:

Findings from the experimental project on planting Avicennia marina in Samut Songkhram Province indicate survival rates at 6, 9, and 12 months. The impact of wind waves during the monsoon season suggests the need to replant mangrove saplings at a depth of 1.5 meters.

Challenges and Solutions:

Challenges during the initial years, such as shallow root systems, are overcome with adaptive measures. It takes approximately 3-4 years for sapling survival rates to increase as roots penetrate deeper into the soil.

Seasonal Impact and Adaptive Measures:

November sees challenges as saltwater meets freshwater, affecting photosynthesis. To address this, seedlings are germinated for two years, ensuring they reach a height of 1.50 meters before being planted between April and June. This adaptive measure helps them withstand water level fluctuations during the seasons.

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Est. Carbon Sequestration

tonnes of CO2

Assuming every seedling survives over its lifetime.



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