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Journey of Compassion

Sea Turtle Sanctuary

June 18, 2024

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit again as the sea turtle hospital officially opened. We witnessed 4-month-old sea turtle hatchlings being moved from the intensive care pond back to the sanctuary. We also assisted in preparing fish for acute injured sea turtles, some of which required physiotherapy due to lung problems that made breathing difficult. Additionally, we helped clean out the ponds and even had the chance to aid in the recovery of a tortoise injured by a car, using lasers to help heal its lower-back injury.

Overall, it was an incredibly fulfilling and educational experience. Our time at the Sea Turtle Conservation Center has not only been enriching but has also strengthened our resolve to contribute to the conservation of these magnificent creatures.


Journey of Compassion: A Day at the Sea Turtle Conservation Center in Rayong


Injured turtles



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