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Mangrove @ Samut Songkram - Season2: Jun 24


The Mangrove School, Samut Songkram

After finally finishing our final exams, we were absolutely relieved. The day greeted us with brilliant sunshine, not a single cloud in sight to block the rejuvenating rays of the sun. We soaked up plenty of Vitamin D and maybe acquired a few tan lines in the process. Our journey to Mangrove School, about 70 km away, was made effortless by my mother's driving. We had made arrangements with local students to join us in planting mangroves together. It turned out to be incredibly enjoyable to work towards such a meaningful cause as a team. We're already planning our return to assess the survival rates of the mangroves we planted and to expand our efforts further. Our goal? To contribute to biodiversity, protect against soil erosion, and aid in carbon sequestration.



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