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Our Background

Arin Thongtang (In)

I am an ordinary boy who is deeply in love with animals. I have taken care of dogs, chickens, rabbits, fish, hedgehog, hamsters, and lizards. I hold a deep affinity for reptiles. I have raised tortoises and freshwater turtles, even constructing ponds at home to nurture them. My house is located in Central Bangkok, Thailand, but it often welcomes unwanted visitors like geckos, snakes and the Common Water Monitor.  After visiting the Koh Man Nai Sea Turtle Conservation Center, I am motivated to transform my personal interest in animal care into a meaningful contribution to society and the environment. This sanctuary has nurtured tens of thousands of hatchlings and provided care and rehabilitation for injured turtles, with its initiation dating back to the Queen of the Ninth Reign in 1975.

I gained invaluable insights into the challenges faced by sea turtles and the center's commendable efforts. This experience ignited within me the desire to initiate a public awareness project, fostering change and enlightening others about these magnificent creatures. Sea turtles are my very first passion project, brimming with enthusiasm. 

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2011 - present

Shrewsbury International School, Riverside, Bangkok


A full-time student who is currently in Year 11. Hardworking but not a straight-A student with a lot of energy and a positive attidude. Additionally, participate in various school sports teams, including the U19 Volleyball, Volleyball Varsity, Basketball, and Badminton. I hold the position of Assistant Coach for the U19 Boys National Volleyball Team under the auspices of the Thailand Volleyball Association. 

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